Tuesday, 19 January 2016

tatsu japanese bistro: real (and real good) japanese on the drive

for my mom's birthday, my family wanted really good japanese food so we ventured down to the drive and got to tatsu japanese bistro. after reading great reviews, i had high expectations and they were DEFINITELY MET AND SURPASSED. one note is that the service is extremely slow (when i went) but the food is so good that we really didn't care too much! 

garlic tai roll ($9.95): slices of tai sashimi wrapped around different fillings in a ponzu-garlic type sauce. SO GOOD. my dad loved this so much in such an unexpected way because in the pictures, it looks too "fancy" to be good but the flavours were perfect! i love the little fruits they have as decoration too! 

japanese seafood pancake (okonomoyaki) ($11.95): served fresh, this pancake with cabbage and seafood topped with mayo and okonomi sauce was a bit smaller (and lacked seafood) for the price we paid but it wasn't too doughy and still yummy! 


tatsu special bento ($16.95) : small udon in soup, nigiri, dynamite roll beef teriyaki, ebi sunomono, and sashimi. at first we thought it wouldn't be enough to just order one box but BOY WERE WE WRONG. just the vibrant colours and assortment of different food made our eyes light up and our tastebuds went crazy as we were actually eating the food. the sashimi is SUPER fresh and the ebi sunomono…just look at it…theres tam ago and berries! the beef teriyaki was also great with REAL beef chunks (not globs of fat) and a thinner sauce. 


scallop tataki roll ($7.95): california roll based with chopped scallop on top lightly seared. delicious and again, beautifully plated and uniform. 

overall: as you can see, the plating is gorgeous and the food is delicious, plentiful and authentic. prices are not too high but definitely more than your weekly sushi fix. a must try if you're in the area
favourite dish: scallop tataki roll
score: 5/5
would i return?: definitely

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