Sunday, 23 November 2014

sushi ame: special rolls are so beautiful

sushi ame is located deep in downtown on robson with really good reviews so i decided to grab takeout from here for dinner! although the food was good, it was a bit pricey for the amount of fish to rice but i did enjoy the special rolls more since i love non-authentic sushi. 

negihama roll ($2.95): a little lacking in the fish department 
salmon avocado roll ($4.50): not bad but nothing amazing, thicker on the rice

spicy crispy roll: prawn tempura, cucumber in a roll with avocado, yam tempura and crunchy flake with sweet chile sauce ($7.95): this was probably a bad choice to have for takeout because the tempura was a bit soft. i asked for it without the spicy worrying my dad couldnt take it but it ended up being a bit bland. 

black tiger roll: spicy tuna, crab meat, cucumber in a roll topped with avocado and unagi ($10.95): my favourite of the bunch..all my favourite ingredients in a roll and beautiful presentation! 

overall: would return to try more of the special rolls but there are lots of other sushi options that i think are a better value. not bad for robson street though. 
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Thursday, 13 November 2014

hanok: korean lunch to satisfy the spicy craves

trying to hit up all the korean restaurants in richmond, my mom and i ventured into hanok korean restaurant on "eat street" and were given a nice surprise when we were presented with loads of food for a very small price. 

their lunch specials (which i do not know if they still exist) are an amazing deal with an entree and side dish for $8.99. 

banchan: complimentary and standard. love the sweet potatoes!! 

bibimbap ($8.99): this was actually quite large and filling for a lunch size that came with a side dish. the egg wasn't raw but otherwise it was a good meal! 


japchae side dish (with bibimbap): surprising portion again, we HARDLY made a dent in this as we were too busy eating up all the bibimbap goodness but it was a good balance of flavours although it stuck together a bit


pajeon (with soft tofu soup): a little more doughy and less seafood that i wouldve liked but not too oily (also a bit "colder" since it wasnt served on the hot plate)


seafood soft tofu soup ($8.99): bubbly perfection! the soup was nice and spicy with the raw egg getting cooked up in there. it had a small amount of seafood but plenty of tofu! came with a bowl of rice as well! 


overall: their prices are SPECTACULAR and the food is pretty dang good too. there was way too much food for two people (yes mostly carbs) but still!! definitely recommend for a cheap and delicious korean lunch. 

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

la casa gelato: try all the cheesecake/nutella/chocolate flavours!

la casa gelato, everyone remembers its pink walls and prominent location on venables. there are over 200 flavours inside and is almost always crowded. the best part is trying the different flavours and being the boring kid i am, i tried the not so strange flavours but YOU KNOW WHAT, thats who i am :D 

pineapple ($5): good fruit flavour 

ferrero rocher ($5): delicious hazelnutty chocolate flavours with swirls of thicker paste of hazelnut and chocolate. its so good…

flavours tried:
tiramisu cheesecake: couldnt taste the tiramisu, only cheesecake chunks
strawberry cheesecake : artificial tasting
vanilla cookie: like cookies and cream
cappa mocha: tastes like coffee
Hazelnut Frangelico with Chocolate Shavings: strong flavour, but not hazelnut
creme brûlée: tastes like caramel 

overall: everyone has to come at least once, its iconic. although not the best ice cream ever and $5 a cone, you get at least half a scoop - 1 scoop in the different flavours you try! 

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

kiku sushi: a metrotown area alternative (+group buy deals!)

i came to kiku twice but only intended one visit and this was to use another group buy coupon. the first time i went, it was at lunch and they did not let me but decided to stay anyways and returned for dinner another day. 

they are known for special rolls and lunch/dinner combos so this is what we ordered on visit 1: 

lucky choice combo ($8.25): choice of 3 items with miso soup including rolls, nigiri or appetizer/small entrees. 

house roll: my favourite one of the three, this was packed with crab meat and quite large in size! they didnt skimp on the filling of salmon either and it ended up being quite tasty. 


chicken teriyaki roll: not bad, sauce was super sweet but again, lots of filling although theres LOTS of rice which made me realize i should've just ordered a chicken teriyaki instead of the roll.


spicy salmon roll: quite a bit of salmon but sauce tastes like straight siracha and wasnt actually mixed into the roll either...again LOTS of rice. 

tuna oil tataki ($9.95): just like tuna tataki except with a strong oil, sesame and soy sauce base topped with green onions and ginger. the tuna was alright...strangely cut but seared nicely. the sauce was a bit salty but went well with the tataki. it was quite a large portion for the price and we enjoyed this! 


on visit 2, we used the coupon which included a choice of appetizer, chicken teriyaki either rolls or nigiri and sashimi and ends with green tea ice cream. this "meal" was around 13 dollars so we didnt save MUCH but thats what happens sometimes. 

spicy salmon roll (same as above): ordered on top of deal

chicken teriyaki: small portion of chicken was served lukewarm but the chicken wasnt tough or dry so thats a plus! 


gyoza: very poorly made...all ripped up at the bottom 


nigiri and sashimi: sashimi spicy sauce tasted just like siracha but the nigiri were fine. 


winter dynamite roll ($6.50): this was pretty expensive but the best part of our meal. they have both california and dynamite winter rolls which mean it is topped with some chopped scallop and a motoyaki type sauce then lightly seared. this was actually a very tasty combo and my friend and i both would return for this. 


half of our sushi spread

green tea ice cream: a sweeter end to the meal. 

overall: i would come back for certain things but i felt their cooked food was very chinese style (as evidenced by their mandarin speaking chefs and servers. their lunch specials are a good deal though as their rolls aren't small but are packed with rice. 

also, i felt the food tasted better without the coupon. hope theyre not one of "those" restaurants...

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

the keg: perfect end to summer

this past summer i was a day camp leader again and we had a staff "year" end dinner together at the keg. i loved the people that i worked with this year since we were all so different but complimented each other perfectly. i'm extremely thankful for being blessed with such a great opportunity to grow and learn this summer that this meal with them was just the sweetest ending. 

teriyaki sirloin with twice baked potato ($24): i ordered this medium rare and i felt it was just a TINY bit over done but was still nice and red in the middle. as good as steak is, the highlight was the potato. the insides were creamy and tasty while the potato skin was nicely baked to provide a bit of a "palate cleanser" to the greasier meal. 


overall: for steak, the keg is what most people gravitate towards and it was a good meal but due to personal preference, not something i would choose very often. 
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Monday, 13 October 2014

the sweet spot: a slice of delicious

the sweet spot is a popular bakery in steveston, crawling with tourists and was the bakery that provided me with my little slice of birthday cake - i dont like eating whole cakes, i like variety in small slices :D.

anyways, the cakes they sell are always changing but they have lots of pastries and other desserts. of the couple things we tried (sorry no pictures) the cake was THE BEST. 

cake: layers of chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut mousse, raspberry gelee and white chocolate mousse (~$6): do not remember the price but whatever it worth it. the layers were contrasting enough that it blended together so beautifully. something crisp on the bottom and delicious, not too sweet cake sat between layers of mousse and raspberry gelee. the white chocolate on top was the perfect touch - a light sweetness to offset the bitterness. i would get this again and again in a heartbeat 


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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

chen's shanghai kitchen: xiao long baos at their best

shanghainese food in richmond is on every street corner and honestly, theyre all pretty dang good. trying to try every single one, my mom and i went to chen's shanghai kitchen near richmond center.

the parking here is horrendous BUT the food is awesome. good prices and delicious food without being too oily and tastes homemade in the best way...

xiao long bao ($4.50): juicy steamed pork buns  - these were AMAZING. the skin: not so thin that it would pop but also not thick in a way that it gets in the way of enjoying the little dumpling. the juice: PERFECT. steaming hot and tasty without being too salty and its filled to the brim with it. the meat: VERY GOOD, good flavour, not too fat. everything i look for in a xlb is right here.


black vinegar spare ribs ($~13): deep fried and then tossed in a very very tasty sauce, this dish was quite good! there were a long of bone parts but thats what spare ribs are so i cant complain. it was very tasty and did not feel too heavy since there was no real batter like in sweet and sour pork. 

this is now my go to dish when eating at chinese restaurants. delicious! :D 


sichuan style beef noodles ($~7): beef in spicy soup with noodles: this dish was really spicy but very good too! there was plenty of beef and the noodles were a good texture. the only thing i wish they had was a piece or two of vegetable but for the price, this was beyond my expectations! 


overall: chen's is a small little place that serves delicious shanghainese food. their menu is pretty big and their flavours are all on point. the xlb was very soupy and delicious and i would come back anytime! 

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