Sunday, 27 September 2015

delicious cuisine: a disappointing miss

delicious cuisine is not very delicious and heres why...

wontons in chili sauce ($4.95): not exactly expensive but small portion, tiny wontons with mostly skin. not memorable but satisfied the craving


five spice beef roll ($4.95): again an okay price and tasted generic but not something i would come here for. at least they had a decent sized meat chunk in there.


spicy beef noodle soup ($8.25): my favourite of the meal. beef was really soft and tender. noodles were not handmade (i don't think…) but were al dente and soup was not oily either


assorted seafood and tofu hotpot ($17.95): TINY TINY TINY portion for such a high price…and the seafood is like the frozen bagged ones from t and t…i do NOT RECOMMEND YOU GETTING THIS…


house special smoked duck ($19.95): this was not horrible but the price was super high and I've had better…skin was soggy and a bit salty overall


overall: i'm really disappointed with the food here… seems that nothing is made in house but the prices are so high! and with all the great taiwanese joints in richmond, i will not be coming back here.
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

zipang provisions: looks like a bar, tastes like sushi

for my mom's birthday dinner this year, we wanted something japanese but not just sushi and not just izakaya. its getting harder and harder to find new restaurants to try! so we went to visit what i call hipster sushi at zipang provisions. the outside looks NOTHING like japanese food and will easily be passed if you're unprepared. 

asari butter clams: didn't try this but my parents thought it was good? 

nanban chicken: this was one of our favourite dishes. the deep fried chicken was covered in a tangy sauce then topped with tartar/mayo. fried up crispy, although a bit heavy, scraping off some of the white sauce made this one of the best chicken's I've had! 

black cactus roll ($7.80): raw tuna, tempura bits, mayo, masago and spicy sauce rolled in black sesame seeds: not bad but nothing special and a bit pricy for what we got. a thicker layer of rice than expected but i liked the crunch of the sesame seeds and freshness of the fish. 

salmon oshizushi ($11.80): salmon pressed sushi with jalapeño and creamy sauce: compared to minami or kishimoto, this fell quite short. the sear didn't do much to enhance the flavour and the whole piece tasted like a salmon maki but with a bit of sauce. 

east meets west roll ($8.80): avocado, unagi and black pepper wrapped with proscuitto: my favourite roll of the night! the salty from the pork and the fatty sweetness of the unagi and it's sauce blended together really well! 

okonomiyaki ($8.80): japanese pancake with seafood bits inside. this was a bit doughy and salty but i love okonomiyaki and wasn't bad for the price! 

overall: the food at zipang is a tad pricey and a hit or miss kind of place but i enjoyed my meal! what was good was REALLY GOOD. nothing was bad but it wasn't special for the price we paid. i would return to try more special rolls and their lunch sets! 

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

green lemongrass: a clean place for vietnamese eats

along kingsway are rows and rows of vietnamese eats but green lemongrass has a modern interior and exterior with a more diverse menu that drew my mom and I in one sunday evening. 

beef stew (with garlic bread) ($9): this vietnamese classic was delicious here! the bread was light and dipped perfectly into the thin broth. flavourful and with chunks of beef and a slightly spicy tang. 

hu tieu kho (small - $7): seafood, pork and rice noodles tossed in a garlic soy sauce again was delicious! not too small either, the rice noodles were not clumpy and the bowl was filled with the ingredients. not a fan of pork innards but the rest is great! 

overall: although prices a bit higher, the food is quite delicious and there is plenty on the menu to choose from.
score: 4/5
favourite dish: hu tieu kho
would i return: yes!! 

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

ikura japanese restaurant: lunch boxes for seven bucks!

so much good food in marpole area…and my family (of three…look at the amount of food…) decided on ikura japanese restaurant. they have really good lunch box deals and special rolls all at a good price! food is not exactly authentic (chinese run) but it is definitely enough to satisfy sushi cravings. 

lunch box d (beef short ribs, sashimi, assorted tempura, salad, miso soup) $9.95: the tempura batter was a little thick and theres a huge hole for the wasabi making the box look incomplete but the sashimi was thick and tasted fine! beef short ribs were a tad chewy

 hamachi tataki ($7.95): i actually really enjoyed this. nice thick slices of hamachi in a ponzu type sauce not too salty! 

lunch box b (chicken teriyaki, assorted tempura, miso soup, california roll, tuna roll and small salad) $6.95: same hole in the middle but for 7 bucks..this was an amazing deal. same comments as above but i actually liked the chicken more, it was not dry! 

crazy girl roll (spicy tuna and avocado topped with ebi and avocado in a spicy mayo) $6.95: probably my favourite thing from here. all my favourites together in a roll that was a good price too! only complain is that the rice was a bit thicker than i like.

papaya roll (salmon, papaya topped with tuna, bonito and a sweet sauce) $9.25: least favourite thing here…found it really expensive for what was give…the tiny piece of papaya is not worth 10 bucks and there was DEFINITELY a wasabi component that i did not like. 

soft shell crab kaarage ($6.50): didn't try it but seemed a bit thick on the batter?

overall: the food was good for the price that we paid. this amount of food was enough for a huge lunch box of leftovers!

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

rain or shine ice cream: coconut vegan goodness

kitsilano is gorgeous during the summer/spring months and after shopping for a few hours, a friend and i had lunch at las margaritas and needed some dessert to go along with it. so to rain or shine ice cream it was! (good thing it was a sunny day!) 

the whole store has an earnest like feel but not as crowded and a cone is not included in the price but the ice cream flavours are just as unique and locally sourced. 

single scoop vegan coconut chocolate chunk:($4.50): i LOVED this. the flavours of coconut and chocolate shavings go extremely perfectly in this combo. you can taste the burst of coconut without the shreds and its not too sweet either! my friend and i both really loved this flavour. the consistency is less creamy than earnest and a bit icier making it feel lighter which i actually prefer. it is less impactful in terms of flavour though. 

overall: expensive, but hipster ice cream usually is. a bit farther than earnest but was still very good! i really want to come back and try their taco tuesday! only 6 bucks for 2 scoops in a waffle taco with toppings!

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