Saturday, 28 February 2015

minoas greek taverna: not the place for seafood pasta

in vancouver, we eat greek food either for souvlaki or for the roast lamb but on this special day, we had a social shopper coupon for minoas greek taverna which had a platter for $29 dollars. seeing as this was probably not enough we ordered a seafood pasta as well and that was a big mistake.

dinner platter ($29 - original said to be $64) 2 skewers of chicken souvlaki, 2 biftekia spiced groud Beef patties, spanakopita spinach-pie appetizer, manitaria sautéed-mushrooms appetizer, plus 2 side Greek, 2 sides of rice, 2 sides of potatoes, pita bread & and appetizer tzatziki - the food on this platter was pretty good although quite standard to me and nothing special about any of the different appetizers. the chicken breast was a little dry, the pita was not as fluffy and warm as i like, and the mushrooms were quite oily but overall, for $29, this wasn't bad but NOT WORTH $64 for sure.

seafood pasta ($18.95): this was NOT GOOD at all…it was very dry and had so little seafood i would've just named it a sauce-less plain pasta. on top of that the pasta was SUPER soft and the whole thing lacked salt and flavour. one of the worst pasta's id ever had.

overall: with the coupon, it wasn't a bad experience but there are better greek restaurants and this place isn't really cheap either. honestly, the pasta has scared me off and i wouldn't return unless I'm desperate. 
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

milk and sugar cafe: oreo green tea cheesecake ice cream bubble tea…yeah

milk and sugar cafe has some of the best bubble tea combos with ice cream and fresh fruit slushes as their specialties. they have specials all the time that cost only TWO BUCKS and you can get pearls for 50 cents although the ice cream is already more than enough. they also have a bunch of cheap food items but the only downside is that there is only a mom and dad working there so service can be pretty slow although they are super super friendly. 

oreo green tea cheesecake bubble tea ($2 special): my 3 favourite things all in one…seriously this bubble tea is cheap and amazing. they scoop like 4 scoops of green tea and cheesecake ice cream then blend it with oreo and ice. it tastes amazing although super sweet and thick. the indulgence is worth it 100%


ps. the owners are really nice and game me a small cup for sample of leftovers from the previous batch 

visit 2:

oreo green tea cheesecake slush again :D (still 5/5)

overall: i come here as often as i can for bubble tea and am ready to try their different flavours but who can resist oreo + green tea + cheesecake?! 
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Sunday, 15 February 2015

kimbap cheonguk: the real deal in coquitlam

having tried almost ALL the korean restaurants in Richmond, it was time to go elsewhere and coquitlam, the land of korean food, was calling my name. after doing some quick shopping at h-mart there, we wanted some authentic korean food so entered into kimbap cheonguk where the signage did not seem all english to me…the best indicator of authentic! 

the dining area is tiny and their menu is limited but what they serve, they perfect. 

 bulgolgi kimbab ($3.50): my love for sushi is obvious so my love for kimbab is no surprise. this was my first time trying a korean roll and it was AMAZING. the rice had the perfect texture and flavour while the inside ingredients of beef bulgolgi, tam ago, some veggies and daikon were perfect. usually i prefer when sushi has lots of seafood/meat but the balance between the textures and flavours was perfect in this kimbab 

spicy pork stone pot rice bowl ($7.99): this stone bowl was nice and sizzling when it came to our table packed with veggies and a deliciously spicy pork. the flavours were bold and amazing with plenty of onion that cooked perfectly on the hot stone. my only complaint was that the whole thing was pretty oily but a great deal that will fill you right up!

zucchini hand pulled noodle soup (kal gook su) ($7.99): handmade noodles in a clear broth was the perfect balance to the spicy pork stone bowl. it was warm and comforting and the noodles were the perfect texture (until it sat in the soup for too long). the flavour was very light and veggie based but delicious! 

overall: great prices, great food, surpassing expectations in korea-town!
favourite dish: kimbap - theres a reason its in the name, so delicious 
score: 4.5/5 
would i return?: in reality, probably not. as much as i loved it, i hardly ever go to coquitlam and there so many different korean restaurants to try!  BUT I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TRY IT! 

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

hello fellow food lovers!

hi there (: i feel like i never do any written posts so here's one for ya! 

i do not have much time to write detailed posts any more (although they weren't too detailed in the first place…) BUT i still want to share my thoughts on different restaurants with all you guys because honestly, i love reading food blogs and seeing what restaurants are recommended/not worth my time 

therefore, i want to keep posting because i hope (really really hope) that someone reads these posts and it inspires them to go out and try all the deliciousness in vancouver!! 

so from now on, they will be much shorter (less rambling = good?) but same short descriptions of price (possibly more estimates than anything), general description of whats inside and my opinion of it. 

hope you guys keep reading, and i know i never tell you often enough, but thanks for reading! it means a lot that someone's looking at these posts :D 

keep eating!! 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

mazazu crepes: greeeeen teaaaaa iceeeee creeeeam

I LOVE GREEN TEA ICE CREAM and the one place i go to most often is mazazu crepe (well 2x is plenty). these two visits were only 1 month apart but the price, texture and flavour were all different! 

visit 1


green tea ice cream cone ($3.13): this was deliciously creamy and smooth ice cream but melted really really fast. doesn't matter it tasted so good...

green tea ice cream cone ($3.20): price increased by about 5 cents…and this time it was much stronger in match flavour but was also quite icy and not as creamy smooth but again IT WAS DELICIOUS…
i honestly don't know which one i prefer cause they were both so good…

overall: consistency is an issue but my craving for SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM IN GREEN TEA MATCHA GOODNESS BEATS OUT EVERYTHING 
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