Friday, 19 September 2014

zephyr: hot pot and milk tea

a chinese group buy website brought me and my mother to zephyr for taiwanese style hot pot, appetizer, drinks and dessert. for only $24.99, we got to choose 2 full sized hot pots and 2 milk teas as well as a grass jelly and a salty peppery chicken. 

chicken with sesame oil and wine hot pot (originally $12.95): a pot on a burner came to our table...turned off.. and our server took a long while getting it to start up again but she was very kind! 

this pot was filled with napa cabbage, quite a bit of chicken (chopped up leg) and vermicelli on the bottom. it also came with a bowl of rice and some vegetables to put into the soup and cook. taste wise, this was my favourite because of the sesame flavour not being too strong. also, you get lots of chicken meat but because it was so full, it took forever to cook the meat leaving some veggies soft and raw chicken. the bowl is a bit small for the amount of vegetables but overall, good.


taiwanese style popcorn chicken (originally $5.25) : very well done here! lightly breaded and fried nice and crispy! 


japanese sukiyaki hotpot (originally $11.95): similar to the other hot pot, it came with some veggies, rice and a pot of soup. the soup base was really sweet though and strangely goopy. the meat was majorly fat chunks and not as enjoyable as the other hot pot.


hot grass jelly (originally $3.00): this was really good! i love grass jelly obviously and being warm and slippery soft, it was super yummy! 


cold green milk tea with grass jelly (originally $4.25 + 50c): good milk tea and but didnt love the floating jelly and nothing special


hot green milk tea (originally $4.00): mom really enjoyed the display and said it kept the tea nice and warm. it was also a huge pot and sweetened well! 


overall: with a group coupon, this was a great deal but for the quality of meat, especially in the beef hot pot, i would probably try another dish if i were to return

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

yogurtland: fro yo is my best friend.

on a trip to the states, i really wanted to try yogurtland since it is super popular in america. 

they have A LOT of flavours and since dairy is cheaper in the states, the fro yo is as well. 

look at the cute cups! 

honestly dont remember the flavours...but probably in the chocolate/cookie/dessert range

the yogurt was not the best...yes its a lot cheaper but the texture is quite thick yet not creamy..its not exactly icy either...hard to describe but overall, not as good as i expected

also, their toppings were nothing amazing. cheesecake bites were rock hard and again missing the creaminess of cream cheese! chocolate shavings did not taste like chocolate...


overall: i would return because its frozen yogurt for CHEAP. not amazing but satisfies the sweet tooth!

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

faubourg: croissant pit stop

faubourg is a popular cafe known for their french pastries and macarons. i have a new obsession with croissants and when my friend and i passed faubourg downtown before dinner, we couldnt help but pick up a quick snack.

almond croissant (~$3): DELICIOUS...still warm from the oven and filled with an almond filling that was both light and buttery at the same time, the pastry itself is flaky and are layered perfectly. i highly recommend faubourg's to try everything else.


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Sunday, 31 August 2014

sushi california: nothing like a whole buncha rolls

nothing's better than sushi take out on a friday night...especially at a great price like at sushi california

top: spicy tuna tempura roll ($3.95) - deep fried tempura in a spicy sauce in a roll for 4 good as it sounds... 


bottom: smoked salmon garlic roll ($4.50) - prawn tempura in the middle with smoked salmon on top sprinkled with garlic chips, kind of plain tasting/starchy without a sauce to hold it together and heavy on the rice!  


house roll ($4.50) - just like at sushi garden, its just loaded with stuff like crab meat, assorted fish and tamago. perfect for a filler and to get a nice variety


top: hot n roll ($3.95) - spicy tuna in the middle topped with spicy salmon, pickled onion and jalapeño, my favourite of the night, perfect amount of spiciness and delicious overall! 


bottom: alaska roll ($3.95) - again, like sushi garden an avocado filled roll with a salad dressing type sauce and salmon. slices on top were a bit thin but the garlicky sauce was so good. 


overall: sushi california does not fail to satisfy that cheap sushi desire. non-authentic rolls and funky combinations for under 25 bucks...yes please, anytime! 

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

capstone tea and fondue: not quite high tea - mid height?

another social shopper deal led me to capstone tea and fondue in richmond for their high tea set which included savoury and sweet treats with 2 drinks as well.

matcha latte: not the prettiest latte art but was tasty and smooth 


matcha smoothie (half sweet): a bit too icy for my liking and the matcha flavour was lacking


the entire tea set; details below except for macarons and ice cream: store bought, nothing special


mini sandwiches: filled with greens and ham were nothing special..just bread with some boring/cheap and generic fillings


creme filled bun, chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie: all extremely sweet and store bought


mini strudels: tasted like they came straight from a box and even a bit stale


overall: for only $20 this was a nice relaxing afternoon and was fun for the dainty ness that is high tea but i would never pay the full price ($40) for the quality and amount of food we got. it all came from a box and could easily be replicated elsewhere. i would only return if another group buy enticed me to. 

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

shanghai morning: the kind of dim sum i love

continuing the shanghai adventures in richmond, my mom and i visited shanghai morning in a tiny plaza with limited parking. 

focusing mostly on dimsum dishes this meal...

wine chicken ($5.50): chilled chicken soaked in a wine sauce, a huge portion for cheap with not many bones! deliciously moist chicken and a strong wine flavour, this was a delicious appetizer! 


green onion pancake ($3.50): supposed to be panfried but came out deep fried making it quite oily meaning i could only have one piece despite it being quite good.


xiao long bao ($4.95): of course the pork soup dumplings! what meal is complete without this?! filled to the brim with soup, these had a thin skin and delicious flavour although a bit lighter than others. one of my favourite xlb's to date!!


spicy wontons ($5.95): LOTS of delicious wontons in a spicy chili oil. perfectly spicy and one of my favourite dim sum dishes. nothing bad to say at good.


overall: shanghai morning is one of my FAVOURITE shanghai stops in richmond now. it has a lot of small dishes perfect for sharing and i love dumplings so this is like heaven. the total was just at $20 with tax and i was quite filled up! 

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Monday, 11 August 2014

dragon ball tea house: those perfect pearls

bubble tea, my old friend. i had heard a lot about dragon ball tea house as some of the best in vancouver so my mom and i popped by and it lives up to the hype. 

honey green milk tea (hot ~ $4.00): my mom loved this. she said it was the right amount of sweetness and creaminess that milk tea should have! 


oreo cookie slush + pearls (~$5.00): again this was delicious. the oreo cookie flavours and bits were blended into the drink amazingly but the best was the PEARLS. chewy, not hard or mushy and just a tiny bit warm. just thinking about them....some of the best pearls around. 


overall: delicious bubble tea, tiny shop, AMAZING PEARLS 

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