Saturday, 19 April 2014

joe's grill: the best kind of breakfast

one friday afternoon after classes, my friend came all the way to ubc for one thing, to get breakfast food afterwards. we googled lots of places in the kits area that had all day breakfast and settled on joe's grill

the basic ($6.95) - choice of sausages, ham or bacon with 2 eggs any style, hashbrowns and toast. SUCH A GOOD VALUE. look at all that food for only 7 bucks. 

 i got my eggs over easy and they were great. cutting into the middle, it OOZED with yolk. i had also read online that their sausages were a specialty so i went with that (as did my friend after hearing my suggestion) and they were delicious. they had a crisp exterior and when you bit into it, the pork juices came squirting out. my favourte part of the whole dish though was the hashbrowns. they were simply cut up potatoes but they were delicious. and my other friend's favourite combo is dipping hashbrowns in maple syrup and ketchup. IT IS AMAZING. 

only problem: toast was a bit burnt but my friend's was fine...just a case of inconsistency

look at that egg...

4.5/5 (losing marks for burnt toast

overall: this meal was delicious and a great value too. i could only finish half of the plate and packed the rest to go. definitely recommended to satisfy that breakfast craving and their menu is pretty big for a diner type restaurant. i will be back to try those one day! 

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Friday, 11 April 2014

potter's garden korean bbq: korean food for a happy tummy

 having to go to work at metrotown in about an hour, my mom and i looked for a quick lunch place and stumbled upon potter's garden.

i hadn't tried much korean fare before this so we werent sure what to order but was pleasantly surprised by the delicious food and reasonable lunch prices at potter's garden! 

complimentary banchan: sweet potatoes, kimchi and bean sprouts: all quite good! 

paejon: seafood pancake ($9.95) - the best thing about this was the fact that we could get it in a medium size as opposed to the HUGE one at other korean places. this was pretty good, not too oily or thick with dough but mostly comprised of imitation crabmeat.


pork bulgolgi: panfried spicy pork with mixed vegetables with rice ($12.95) - my mom and i really enjoyed this, it was flavourful and had a lot of pork in it! not too spicy but enough to give the entire dish a lot of flavour. 


tofu soup (came with pork bulgolgi) - SO GOOD...perfect amount of spice and lots of tofu bits. you could also taste some seafood which was not overpowered by the spicy. the best bowl for a cold day.


overall, potters garden today is still one of my favourite korean restaurants and tastes very homemade and simple. their lunch deals are a GREAT value and delicious :)  

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

bubble queen: fresh mango and mochi bubble waffle

bubble queen is an extremely well known bubble tea place in richmond that specializes in huge, thick, milkshake like bubble teas. they have many flavours that derive from chocolate bars like bueno and ferrero rocher but also fresh mango slushes that can have mango mochi added to them. 

yes just talking about it makes me feel full but it is indeed delicious! 

fresh mango cube slush with coconut jelly ($5.95) - when you get one of the "special" bubble teas, coconut jelly/pearls are included so its not as expensive as it seems, but still a bit pricey. 

this is legit delicious x100000 and a MUST TRY if you like anything mango. the thick fresh mango blended with milk is cool and refreshing going down your throat and the half a mango sitting on top is perfectly ripe and amazing. 


green tea mochi bubble waffle (~$4-5) - these are not your typically bubble waffle. firstly, they have a slight matcha flavour (not too much, wish there was a bit more) and the texture is also completely different. bubble waffle are usually crisp and light but the added mochi makes it more of a chewy snack. these were very interesting (in a good way), delicious if you like moch but i dont think i'd order it again as it was just too much carb in each bite. a note, the wait time for the bubble waffle is very long but at least you know it's fresh made! 


as delicious as bubble queen is, the portions are really big and EXTREMELY filling. i shared both of these things with my mom (yes, after having lunch but still...) and we had to save half of both the bubble tea and the bubble waffle for dessert after dinner and the next day... (they were pretty good after being baked in the oven!) 

the prices may seem high but honestly, compared to other slush bubble tea places, it is only about $1 more and it is DELICIOUS and enough for 2...or more...

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Friday, 4 April 2014

sushi cafe kitchen: definition of fast food sushi

being in a rush to get from downtown to school, i gave up on trying to find a good sushi restaurant (even though there are millions downtown...) i settled on sushi cafe kitchen which is located in sinclair centre aka the walkway with some shops between the skytrain and canada line.

the food is not very good being bland and slimy, but it was fast.

spicy salmon roll (top): ($3.50) - this was not very good. the rice was quite hard and flavourless. also, the fish was very slimy and did not taste at all like salmon.


salmon-cali roll (bottom): ($3.50) - this was a bit better tasting with the addition of avocado but the rice was just as bad. the crab meat section was also extremely bland and did not taste like anything. at least the salmon was a bit better?


overall: i would not return here unless it had no other choice. 

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

wonton mein saga: after-states late night

wonton mein saga is the place to go when you need a quick bite at night. with quick food and reasonable prices, its not a bad choice for chinese food. 

seeing as it was quite late at night, we wanted some real comfort type foods especially after the american meals in well...america. 

we went with a congee, wonton mein (have to get it at wonton mein SAGA) and sweet and sour pork (yes i am one of those americanized chinese food people)

 congee (~$5.00): i THINK this was sliced fish...but honestly i dont remember. the congee itself was a nice consistency, thick and creamy but also tasty. not overly salty and gingery (i hate ginger) but a good night time food to satisfy and warm the stomach.


traditional wonton soup (~$5.00) - again it was late at night so i dont remember EXACTLY what kind of wonton soup it was but it was fine. obviously not good enough to remember but i know the noodles weren't bad with the right texture. 


sweet and sour pork (~$6-7?) - [sorry my prices are so confused, it was late and i was tired so i hardly noticed] but onto the food, this dish was not very good. i would stick to the congee and wonton noodles here as the veggies were quite raw and the pork was covered in batter and pieces were essentially pieces of fat. there was hardly any meat to this dish and hardly brushed against satisfaction. 


overall, not a horrible choice if you choose the things that they are known for. happy eating! 

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

umi japanese eatery: decent japanese food court noms

after having a pre-lunch snack at let's roll, my mom and i stopped by richmond center after her hair appointment for a bigger meal. the new dining terrace has a lot of choices but umi looked pretty good! this is the same japanese stand at most food courts except this one has more hot food like udon and appetizers and also separate section for desserts. 

chicken udon (~$8) - this was unexpectedly good! the udon noodles were a good firm texture and they give a pretty big portion of chicken as well. it was quite salty though and the soup didnt have much taste other than salt...but it wasnt bad!


takoyaki ($~5) - this was very normal and a bit room temperature but at least it had lots of bonito flakes! 


overall: if i was coming back to richmond centre for lunch, i wouldnt mind coming back but i hear good things about bourbon st. grill so i would try that first! 

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

kinemi's kitchen: hidden italian-japanese gem

Kinemi's is hidden in a tiny strip mall in the champlain area which is actually very close to where i live but didnt notice it until a friend introduced me and it was delicious. good prices and homestyle cooking, this italian place is run by a japanese couple so obviously it tastes a bit different but nonetheless, delicious.

they have a dinner deal with salad, garlic bread, a pasta and a pizza for $24.99. since there were 3 of us, we ordered another pasta and tiramisu for dessert. 

caesar salad (part of combo) - tasted fine, nothing special but i found it a bit wet. 


garlic bread (part of combo) - very good garlic flavour. bread was nice and lightly toasted with the perfect amount of crunch


chicken alfredo (part of combo) - a heavier dish but not as tasty as carbonara. there wasn't much chicken for a chicken alfredo, so not my favourite but it was still good.


spaghetti carbonara ($10) - creamy, carbonara goodness with al dente pasta and a good meat to pasta ratio. although very rich, it was worth every bite - delicious! 


chicken pesto pizza (part of combo) - the pesto was very tasty but again, a little lacking in the meats. the crust is also a bit thicker than i like but the flavour was all there. 


tiramisu (~$5-6) - this was probably the most disappointing of the meal. the alcohol was very strong so you could not taste much coffee or chocolate. the syrup soaked through almost the entire cake making it quite mushy - not recommended. 


overall, a delicious meal with a small price tag. the place is very small and quiet so you can have some good conversation here but doesn't feel too date like. it has great homemade food and the flavours are spot on.  
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