Saturday, 23 August 2014

capstone tea and fondue: not quite high tea - mid height?

another social shopper deal led me to capstone tea and fondue in richmond for their high tea set which included savoury and sweet treats with 2 drinks as well.

matcha latte: not the prettiest latte art but was tasty and smooth 


matcha smoothie (half sweet): a bit too icy for my liking and the matcha flavour was lacking


the entire tea set; details below except for macarons and ice cream: store bought, nothing special


mini sandwiches: filled with greens and ham were nothing special..just bread with some boring/cheap and generic fillings


creme filled bun, chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie: all extremely sweet and store bought


mini strudels: tasted like they came straight from a box and even a bit stale


overall: for only $20 this was a nice relaxing afternoon and was fun for the dainty ness that is high tea but i would never pay the full price ($40) for the quality and amount of food we got. it all came from a box and could easily be replicated elsewhere. i would only return if another group buy enticed me to. 

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  1. I've always found capstones to be really cute, but an awkward place to go because its not quiet a snack and not quiet a meal. It really sucks that for high tea the food is so poor! Store bought? I would be so angry!

    Really informative review :)