Saturday, 9 August 2014

gyo: hidden japanese gem and a seafood yukke don

this post is WAYY overdue and i've been back to gyo-o multiple times now but to reminisce on the first time i fell in love with the food here...fond memories. 

gyo-o is a part of the gyoza king chain and serves up mostly rice bowls or udon (both soup and dry) as well as many appetizers including sashimi.  located in the same strip mall as pearl castle and deer garden, i feel it is often forgotten but it sure has amazing food.

the first time here, everything looked amazing but there were TOO MANY CHOICES so i looked to urban spoon for help and then settled on the seafood yukke don as well as a pick and choose bukkake udon. 

miso soup came with the bukkake udon. 

seafood yukke don: chopped up seafood mixed with special sauce over rice with a poached egg ($11.00) - this right here is what makes this place amazing. i had never tried seafood yukke don and was skeptical but this is THE BOMB DOT COM.

lots of chopped up seafood in this magical sauce that you mix into the rice with that egg and it just because the best bowl of rice you will ever have. tasty but not overwhelming with little bits of fish to keep your protein tastebuds happy. this is seriously a MUST EAT. but be warned, it is a bit slimier so if you're not into that stuff, stay away and stick to the deep fried. 


pick and choose bukkake udon (~$13) (sorry dont remember the real name) - deep fried chicken kaarage, takoyaki and poached egg atop a bed of udon noodles served with sauce. 

they have a whole list of toppings that you can choose from to go with your udon.

my first time having cold udon and it was really good! the chicken and takoyaki here are awesome, some of the best id ever had, but the udon was quite different from what i'm used to.

the sauce comes on the side and once i removed the toppings (im not huge on soggy fried) i poured the liquid in slowly just to see how it would taste and it was quite good! 

this was the end product of the egg and sauce, looks unappealing but had a delicious flavour. and they give QUITE A BIT of udon. nice and chewy, al dente udon! 


overall: this is one of the best food discoveries i have made thanks to food blogging. i walked past it 100 times before and never even thought about entering but it is DELICIOUS. not what you usually expect at japanese restaurants...its even better. only complaint is that the prices are a bit high but the food is so delicious that you dont care.


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  1. I totally agree with you, the seafood yukke don is totally!! I'll have to try the bukkake udon next time, looks delish! :D

    1. i always tell myself to try different dishes at gyo-o but the yukke don is so good i just order it every single time!

    2. also love your blog by the way...i'm on there all the time! and you post so often :D