Saturday, 2 August 2014

itadakimasu: izakaya with a twist

itadakimasu had a groupon (sometimes it comes back) and open only for dinner, my family came for my birthday celebration. the food is interesting and quite tasty! 

pari pari ebi mayo ($7): essentially deep fried shrimp but they coat it with rice krispies instead of the usual tempura batter! gave it a delicious crunch and the sauce was sweet and spicy. absolutely delicious! 


daily cute temari sushi ($10): ball shaped sushi with assorted fish on top - they were very cute but tasted like regular nigiri (with more rice) but it was nice to get a variety.


takoyaki ($4): octopus filled balls that are covered in 2 sauces and bonito flakes - these were quite good! not too greasy or heavy but nothing especially memorable about them. 


tuna tataki ($8) - lightly seared tuna with ponzu jelly - the jelly was really interesting almost like salty jello that was delicious ontop of each slice of tuna.


kurobuta pork sausace ($~5): this was a special but did not impress us very much. tasted just like plain sausage although the grainy mustard sauce was good! 


beef bibimbomb ($8.6): beef short rib, egg, scallions and rice in a stone pot - this comes with spicy sauce but we got it on the side. the sauce makes it really delicious so if you can take things a bit spicier definitely go for it! this was really good! the flavours melded really well and wasnt too greasy either. one of my favourites of the night!


overall: the food here is a bit expensive and portions are not the MOST generous but it is definitely different and delicious! also the servers were super nice and had no problems with the groupon. returning is in the near future! 

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  1. I love getting that beef bibimbomb there! It's really filling for one person

    1. definitely! what else is your favourite there?