Tuesday, 8 April 2014

bubble queen: fresh mango and mochi bubble waffle

bubble queen is an extremely well known bubble tea place in richmond that specializes in huge, thick, milkshake like bubble teas. they have many flavours that derive from chocolate bars like bueno and ferrero rocher but also fresh mango slushes that can have mango mochi added to them. 

yes just talking about it makes me feel full but it is indeed delicious! 

fresh mango cube slush with coconut jelly ($5.95) - when you get one of the "special" bubble teas, coconut jelly/pearls are included so its not as expensive as it seems, but still a bit pricey. 

this is legit delicious x100000 and a MUST TRY if you like anything mango. the thick fresh mango blended with milk is cool and refreshing going down your throat and the half a mango sitting on top is perfectly ripe and amazing. 


green tea mochi bubble waffle (~$4-5) - these are not your typically bubble waffle. firstly, they have a slight matcha flavour (not too much, wish there was a bit more) and the texture is also completely different. bubble waffle are usually crisp and light but the added mochi makes it more of a chewy snack. these were very interesting (in a good way), delicious if you like moch but i dont think i'd order it again as it was just too much carb in each bite. a note, the wait time for the bubble waffle is very long but at least you know it's fresh made! 


as delicious as bubble queen is, the portions are really big and EXTREMELY filling. i shared both of these things with my mom (yes, after having lunch but still...) and we had to save half of both the bubble tea and the bubble waffle for dessert after dinner and the next day... (they were pretty good after being baked in the oven!) 

the prices may seem high but honestly, compared to other slush bubble tea places, it is only about $1 more and it is DELICIOUS and enough for 2...or more...

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