Tuesday, 3 September 2013

tulalip casino buffet: too full to walk

sometimes when I go to the states (okay always) i have a craving for an abundance of cheap food. when i give in to that craving, i visit the tulalip casino buffet just because its close to the outlet and they have quite a big selection. 

their food is pretty good for the price of around $12 per person, being fast turnover and a made to order pasta and mongolian grill. they also alternate between crepes and hand scooped milkshakes. 

DEFINITELY a huge meal but at least you get your vegetables in! 

their salmon and roast beef are at a carving station but can get a bit tough. they have a pretty big salad selection and LOTS OF CORN!

their chinese items are okay but their ribs were so good. pastas are very filling and heavy but just a little bit is delicious

crepe with berries and whipped cream

the best part: opera cake and nanaimo bar

cheesecake with chocolate sauce 

this was only half my dessert...forgot to take pictures of the rest! 

mango and coffee ice cream in a fresh waffle bowl!

visit 2:

chocolate cream pie

MORE CORN with fruit, salmon and potstickers

cupcake and bread pudding
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