Sunday, 31 August 2014

sushi california: nothing like a whole buncha rolls

nothing's better than sushi take out on a friday night...especially at a great price like at sushi california

top: spicy tuna tempura roll ($3.95) - deep fried tempura in a spicy sauce in a roll for 4 good as it sounds... 


bottom: smoked salmon garlic roll ($4.50) - prawn tempura in the middle with smoked salmon on top sprinkled with garlic chips, kind of plain tasting/starchy without a sauce to hold it together and heavy on the rice!  


house roll ($4.50) - just like at sushi garden, its just loaded with stuff like crab meat, assorted fish and tamago. perfect for a filler and to get a nice variety


top: hot n roll ($3.95) - spicy tuna in the middle topped with spicy salmon, pickled onion and jalapeño, my favourite of the night, perfect amount of spiciness and delicious overall! 


bottom: alaska roll ($3.95) - again, like sushi garden an avocado filled roll with a salad dressing type sauce and salmon. slices on top were a bit thin but the garlicky sauce was so good. 


overall: sushi california does not fail to satisfy that cheap sushi desire. non-authentic rolls and funky combinations for under 25 bucks...yes please, anytime! 

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