Monday, 25 November 2013

kingsway sushi: post 30hr famine splurge

every year my church group does something called the 30 hour famine where we don't eat for 30 hours and raise money that goes to world vision to provide food for people that don't have a choice whether they get to eat or not. obviously after 30 hours of nothing but juice and water, we are starving so we usually go get some AYCE to fill ourselves up. when we visited kingsway sushi, we were biased into thinking that everything was the best food ever because we were so hungry. 

honestly, its not bad at all since the rolls were fine, the cooked food was fine and it wasnt too expensive being $13.95/person. other than the service which was rude and unattentive (expected from ayce), i would return when in need of a sushi binge. 

cheesy california roll (fried kani, avocado, cucumber and masago)

california rolls, chopped scallop rolls, spicy salmon rolls, dynamite rolls and crunchy roll (dont know whats in there)

chicken kaarage - THIS STUFF IS AMAZING...I LOVE IT 

chicken teriyaki


spicy chicken (flaming lava chicken)

salmon and tuna nigiri

(trust me, this isnt all we had, i just got too hungry to take pictures) 

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