Sunday, 17 November 2013

menchies: cambie freebie!

oh menchies, how i love you so. frozen yogurt is one of my favourite snacks and to show how BEHIND i am on my posts, here is a photo from opening day of menchies cambie street which was AT LEAST 2-3 years ago :P oh well they were handing out free yogurt and at this time, the frozen yogurt boom of vancouver was just starting so there was no line (I KNOW, LONG TIME AGO) anyways, i go all the time and here are just some pictures of a few different visits i found!

i prefer menchies over qoola in terms of texture and the fact that you can try flavours as you please. my favourites are chocolate covered banana, cake batter, new york cheesecake, cookies and cream and nutella. these flavours rotate often and you can check their facebook to see which ones are in!

a little baby cup for the opening day free yogurt! 

chocolate and cake batter flavours with popping boba, mochi and cookie crumbs! 

another visit, with salted caramel, purely tart and chocolate in there somewhere toppings include cookie crumbs, clodhoppers, and cheesecake bites. 

this one is from UBC menchies but same thing... went with a few friends using a groupon where we got 10 dollars worth of menchies for 5, and this is what about 12 dollars looks like! 

this was mine, with chocolate and vanilla, tart, cake batter and erin ireland's banana bread, topped with cheesecake bites, brownie, graham cracker crumbs and oreo bits

prices are $0.55/oz and you need to WATCH HOW MUCH YOU SPOON IN YOUR CUP! 

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon Menchie's Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

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