Monday, 23 December 2013

bubble waffle cafe: no such thing as too many

these group buy deals are killing me! there was one recently for bubble waffle cafe (public market location) with 5 bubble waffles for only 5 dollars. considering that a regular priced bubble waffle ANYWHERE is around 4 dollars, this was a great deal. unfortunately, i redeemed it a bit late and again consumed 5 bubble waffles in two weeks. luckily these ones are DELICIOUS. 

original bubble waffle (regular $3.75) - these were DELICIOUS x10. they reminded me of some of the best i tried in hong kong. they make it fresh in front of you in the tiniest shop imaginable but when you pop them into your mouth, there's a perfect crisp from the shell but the middle is a nice soft fluffy cloud of food heaven. this shop was manned by a couple young guys but they know how to make good bubble waffle. 

(ps. we bought so many that we would retoast them at home and they were still delicious!)


(oops, fail camera focus)


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