Tuesday, 3 December 2013

old spaghetti factory: go for the ice cream

so, I went to whistler last march and up there, theres not much to eat and since i was with my aunties from hong kong, we wanted to try something different. 

the wait for a table was RIDICULOUS...but i guess we went around lunch time and there arent many choices in the whistler area. lots of families here too which i know some people dont like but i love (: 

the food here is alright. its nothing amazing but its not inedible either. the prices are moderate and the best thing about this place is the spumoni ice cream you get after (which i forgot to take a picture of!) 

its basically a Neapolitan ice cream but instead of strawberry its a pistachio and it is delicious. also, stick to the pastas here because everything else...not the best. 

green salad (comes with entree): very plan, just lettuce

clam chowder (upgraded entree soup for $2.95): a bit salty but filled with lots of ingredients


baby back ribs w/yam fries ($17.95): not very moist, as you can see from the picture it looks a bit burnt and it just wasn't all that good...yam fries were okay though


penne with chicken ($13.50): one of the better dishes although the meat to pasta ratio was pretty off as there was A LOT of pasta. the flavour was okay and penne from what i remember was al dente which is the ONLY way to eat pasta. 


back: tomato basil flatbread with goat cheese ($8.25): this was actually pretty good. it had a balsamic glaze that made the whole flavour combo blend beautifully 


front: new york steak w/pasta ($17.50): this was better than the ribs but the meat was still quite chewy and the pasta was just plain pasta. again, STICK TO THEIR PREPARED PASTAS


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