Monday, 9 June 2014

guu gastown: spicy bibimbap guudness

during the summertime, i went with my day camp co workers to guu gastown for a dinner together. we were all super tired from the days and weeks of running around chasing kids so a good meal was needed and exactly what we got a guu gastown. 

nikuygaza: deep fried panko breaded mashed potatoes with beef, carrots and onions ($4.00) - i shared this with a friend leaving us with 2 each but that was more than enough! these little deep fried concoctions were filled with mashed potatoes and i could taste the other ingredients but could not pick them out. they were nice and crispy on the outside and a delicious appetizer! 


kimchi pork bibimbap: spicy rice in a stone bowl with ground pork, kimchi, vegetables and an egg yolk ($8.80) - i love bibimbap and this one was absolutely amazing. a nice and spicy hit that was balanced by the abundance of vegetables. there was also enough meat to go around through the whole bowl and was substantial enough that i even packed leftovers! although not really japanese, it was amazing. 


overall: guu has yet to disappoint me! the location at gastown is a bit hard to find and quite busy but the izakaya feel is more obvious than the richmond location. the food was amazing and at a good price making it a relaxing evening out.

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