Wednesday, 4 June 2014

freshii: healthy and delicious (the first time...)

social shopper got me again with 2 meals for $12 dollars at freshii on brodway. freshii is like fastfood where you can customize your own wraps, bowls or salads but they also have a variety of preset options on the menu. this social shopper allowed me to anything of my choice with either a soup or frozen yogurt. I LOVE FROZEN YOGURT so this was delicious x100. 

since it included two meals, i got to go twice and unfortunately, the opinions that i express in this post are OPPOSITE of what i experienced the second time. no pictures for that visit but i will rant about it later. anyways, the first visit was awesome with some of the best frozen yogurt i'd ever had and a delicious & healthy wrap. 

small frozen yogurt (regular ~ $4): only one flavour, vanilla, with two toppings (mangoes and oreo bits) granola and/or honey is included - this was some of the best frozen yogurt i'd ever had. the toppings are nothing special (except that they fall very easily) but the yogurt is the perfect sweetness. its not tart but not tooth aching sweet. it is delicious and icy and just PERFECT. a bit expensive but it was SOO GOOD.


custom made wrap = 6 toppings, a sauce, type of salad greens and a protein (regular ~$8): honey wheat tortilla filled with edamame, black beans, corn, onions, mushrooms, chicken, bean sprouts with pico de gallo and lime cilantro dressing - this was delicious! the counter attendant was extremely helpful and was offering suggestions of what goes together and what tastes the best. she was amazing and put a lot of care into making this wrap for me. enough for 1.5 meals and i loved it. 


now onto my second visit, i went during a bit of a busier time and this might explain why but the wrap was NOWHERE near as full as another attendant made the wrap and while i was watching, she did it with a lot less care. the frozen yogurt was half melted as they were "testing" the machine but ended up giving me the "test" cup. i thought this was horrible because obviously if it needed to be tested, it might not work out and YEAH IT WAS HALF MELTED ALREADY. also, the wrap went bad really quickly afterwards the second time...

i really liked this place but after the second visit, i will definitely be wary about visiting again ): such a shame. 

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