Saturday, 5 July 2014

black dragon sushi: simple rolls and...fries?

summer of 2013 (almost a year ago...whoops) my friends and i decided to try black dragon sushi on kingsway since we love our sushi rolls and their menu seemed to be filled with them!

we started off with some staples that we always order:

salmon roll ($2.50) - not bad, the salmon inside wasnt extremely chopped up but rice was bland. 


california roll ($3.50) - haphazardly put together and bland..not very good.


salmon avocado roll ($3.95) - pretty full but again, rice was not good. texture and taste were poor. 


agadashi tofu ($3.95) - fried nice and crispy, served hot but not enough sauce. 


chicken kaarage ($4.95) - this was the strangest chicken kaarage i ever got at a japanese was like chinese deep fried chicken skin with french fries...i dont even know what to say...


maple roll ($7.25) - crab meat, cucumber and avocado topped with salmon and some mayo: this was not bad for a special roll with the price of only 8 bucks.


yam tempura roll ($3.50)

spicy salmon roll ($3.50)

for both of them, same comments as above. the filling is not bad since they dont skimp out but the rice is not very tasty. 

3/5 for both 

salmon tataki ($10.95) - this was alright as well but again, not enough sauce and didnt have too much flavour other than just the salmon.


overall, the food is fine but bland with hard/tasteless rice and there is nothing special about but the prices are quite decent. i would return to try more special rolls but would not make a special trip out of it. definition of mediocre 

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