Tuesday, 8 July 2014

qoola/qoola plus: three part groupon story

frozen yogurt...my absolute favourite sweet treat not only because it makes me feel less guilty (not true from the sugar content by the way) but because i can experience brownies, cheesecake and oreos all at once. groupons get me every single time with their frozen yogurt deals and here at qoola plus in richmond center, was my first visit of 3. 

for frozen yogurt, qoola is actually my least favourite because it melts the quickest and their toppings are the least diverse BUT it is the most convenient being in 3 nearby shopping malls.

i came here with my mom and each groupon is worth 10 dollars of fro yo while i only paid 5 bucks. such a good deal...could not pass it up! 

visit 1

our two frozen yogurts! (guess which one is mine...)

ps. waffle bowls are NOT extra charged, just weighed

some fruity fro yo flavours - mango tango? 
toppings: popping boba, pineapples and waffle bowl

i stole some waffle and sprinkled it on mine :P
but flavours were probably: cheesecake, greek original and chocolate.
toppings: mochi, oreo crumbs, cheesecake bites, brownie bits 

visit 2

came with the brother AND mom this time where my mom and i shared a bowl at qoola in oakridge. 

flavours: peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla
toppings: brownie bites, chocolate rocks, chocolate shavings, cookie dough bits

flavours: cheesecake, greek original, pomegranate berry? 
toppings: mochi, pineapples, oreos, popping boba, mangoes, chocolate shavings

visit 3
back at richmond centre 

not gonna type the toppings/ flavours...its about the same! 

3.5/5 for all (generalized score?) 

price: $0.55/oz

overall: the richmond center location is my favourite because its new and pretty but also cause i feel they have the most toppings and the people working there are really nice! the problem for both locations is the flavours hardly change BUT for fro-yo i really dont care cause it hits the spot! 

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