Sunday, 23 November 2014

sushi ame: special rolls are so beautiful

sushi ame is located deep in downtown on robson with really good reviews so i decided to grab takeout from here for dinner! although the food was good, it was a bit pricey for the amount of fish to rice but i did enjoy the special rolls more since i love non-authentic sushi. 

negihama roll ($2.95): a little lacking in the fish department 
salmon avocado roll ($4.50): not bad but nothing amazing, thicker on the rice

spicy crispy roll: prawn tempura, cucumber in a roll with avocado, yam tempura and crunchy flake with sweet chile sauce ($7.95): this was probably a bad choice to have for takeout because the tempura was a bit soft. i asked for it without the spicy worrying my dad couldnt take it but it ended up being a bit bland. 

black tiger roll: spicy tuna, crab meat, cucumber in a roll topped with avocado and unagi ($10.95): my favourite of the bunch..all my favourite ingredients in a roll and beautiful presentation! 

overall: would return to try more of the special rolls but there are lots of other sushi options that i think are a better value. not bad for robson street though. 
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