Friday, 28 November 2014

marulilu cafe: comforting japanese breakfast (but we're too into the western to notice)

marulilu cafe is a tiny shop on west broadway that is known for the breakfast offerings (both western and japanese) as well as many specialty japanese specialties such as rice burgers, oyako dons and omu rice. my two best friends and i made a visit down here one day and tried out some of their low priced but delicious offerings! 

eggs benny without hash browns ($6.49): they did not have any ham that day so we went with bacon. the hollandaise was quite good and eggs were cooked well! a very simple and not too greasy rendition

katsudon ($7.99): deep friend pork chop over rice with onion and egg. this was pretty good although there could have been more sauce to go with the rice. the pork cutlet was not too chewy though! 

breakfast plate A ($5.99): two eggs any style, choice of sausage, ham or bacon, toast, hash browns and tomatoes. this was a pretty good deal although all the food is very generic tasting. it isn't too greasy and was plenty to fill the three of us up

takoyaki ($3.99): octopus balls!! i love these and 6 pieces for 4 bucks was a great deal! these were fresh out of the…machine? but I'm not sure if they were homemade. still very enjoyable! 

overall: the ambience is so cute and homey with a diverse menu at good prices. nothing special in their western breakfasts but i would love to try their japanese offerings! 

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