Tuesday, 9 December 2014

famoso neapolitan pizzeria: groupon and good food makes a happy pizza eater

i dont stray away from asian cuisine that often but with groupons in hand, i would explore all of vancouver! famoso neapolitan pizzeria is one of those cases and turned out to be a lovely treat! 

pizzetta with a side of soup (lunch special) ($12)

peking duck pizza: this was creative and so delicious. a thin crust with a sweeter hoisin sauce base and shredded duck with cilantro and green onions this pleased my asian-preferred palate immensely. it was great and i loved it.

tomato soup: the soup was so creamy and delicious but not too heavy either. a strong tomato flavour i loved it even though i'm not usually a fan of drinking my calories.

abruzzo ($14.95) : with spicy italian sausage, mushrooms and red onions, this was our classic italian pizza to try and it was good but the tomato sauce was a bit weak in my opinion and made the crust soggier than i prefer. it was really tasty though! 

pizzetta italian ham and crushed pineapple (or essentially a hawaiian pizza) ($7): my dad is kind of boring so we ordered this for him to be able to eat when he got home from work but it was quite good! nothing special about it but a good pizza. 

overall: a great meal with my mom on a sunny day. we don't venture outside of asian foods often but she LOVES thin crust pizza with that burnt bottom and crispy perfection over deep dish and greek style so we both enjoyed this! 

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