Thursday, 31 October 2013

blissberri: true frozen yogurt bliss

my love for frozen yogurt extends beyond just vancouver as i try to get it everytime i go to the states as well. this picture is from the lovely blissberri located inside bellevue square. just like most frozen yogurt places, it is self serve and then paid for depending on the weight of your yogurt. unfortunately at this point, it just looks like a mass but underneath that pile of goodness is nutella, chocolate and cookies and cream frozen yogurt. they have a good 10+ choices at blissberri and you can ask the person at the front for sample cups! i topped it with mocha, oreo bits and my favourite: GRAHAM CRACKER CRUMBS! YUM! 

(sorry dont remember the price, but its on par with most places)


Blissberri on Urbanspoon

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