Friday, 11 October 2013

sake maki: social shopper goodness

im always looking for deals on social shopper that aren't too far away and was super excited when i saw one for my favourite food, sushi, and it was IN vancouver. what i didnt realize was that west broadway is actually far from home but my family made a trip out there anyways where we got $60 worth of food for $30. using the social shopper, sake maki was a good deal because we ate A LOT but if it wasnt for the social shopper, they still have some pretty good deals. i dont remember the details but there were combos where you pick a special roll and two others from a list of sashimi, rolls and appetizers for ~ $15 which is pretty good considering the special rolls are $8.95 by themselves. anyways we got that special while using the social shopper so it was like deals on top of deals. the sauces are a bit salty but other than that, solid japanese! 

tuna and avocado w/yuzu ($11.95): good fish, too much salty yuzu sauce


salmon belly tataki ($9.95): again good fish, but its masked under all that sauce and garlic


grilled eggplant w/garlic ($5.95): tasty but expensive and small portioned.


dynamite roll ($3.95): pretty good! lots of prawn and not too much rice


fuji roll (part of $15 combo): spicy salmon topped with seared salmon: very yummy, i love westernized special rolls :P


agadashi tofu (part of $15 combo): probably the worst of the night...tofu was hard and batter was too thick and i think agadashi tofu should be served IN the sauce


chicken kaarage (part of $15 combo): surprisingly good! the portion was pretty small but chicken was fried up nicely and i love when kaarage is pieces and not wings


deef fried banana ($5.95): not the most amazing but satisfied the dessert craving


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