Wednesday, 2 October 2013

bluefin: asian buffet with a side of sketchy washrooms

one of the best thing about driving down to seattle is the buffet choices that they have there. from asian cuisine to casino buffets, there is more choice than vancouver. i read about bluefin on a different food blog and brought my family there to try it. this was at least 2 years ago (sorry!) but from what i remember it was not anything amazing. very mediocre food but i love asian food, even the cheap food court kind, so i was more than satisfied. ALSO this place had the sketchiest washrooms i'd ever seen. you take some sort of elevator to them thats all old and creaky then they are disgusting...maybe that's changed now's some pictures to feed those eyes! 

first plate: some tempura, sushi, deep fried chicken wings (i remember them being good but it might just be the picture tricking me), nigiri, spareribs, choy, pork chop and more veggies 

second plate: more tempura, chow mein, nigiri, and sushi (not much choice)

close up of second plate

desserts: mini cakes (not homemade), strawberry liquid?, fruit and jello

cakes close up: i love ALL cake

more cakes, cream puff and cheesecake

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