Wednesday, 15 January 2014

cho sun: not bad but not great korean fare

i have a newfound LOVE for korean food. i recently learned to eat spicier foods and korean meshes my two favourite things (usually) being spicy and healthy(ier)

going back to the summer time, i asked my friend what her favourite korean place was as a starting point and she suggested cho sun so with a group of my friends, we decided to try it,

one of my best friends hates the smell of korean barbecue so we opted for food that did not require any grilling and i ended up ordering bibimbap to share with my friend and a seafood pancake to share with 2 friends. 

bibimbap (~$9.99): rice, eggs, veggies and minced beef on a bed of rice served in a stone bowl - this was okay. a bit tasteless without the spicy sauce (which my friend could not handle) and therefore was bland for her. i actually love bibimbap because of all the veggies and generally healthy meal.


seafood pancake (~$15.99): pancake made with assorted seafood and vegetables - this was very oily and was lacking in seafood. the portion size was okay for the price but still leaning towards the expensive side.


overall food was not bad but it was not amazing. this was one of my first experiences with korean so i had nothing to compare it to but it quite bland, oily and overpriced here at cho sun. maybe we just didnt know what to order but this is not somewhere i would choose as a korean food regular. 
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