Sunday, 12 January 2014

sushi gallery: best sushi near UBC

 i always crave sushi as it is my favourite food, but i find the stuff at UBC and the village not appetizing at all especially for the expensive prices. 

therefore, since UBC is on the west side, it is not short on cheap and delicious food that come with a short bus ride (especially the quick 99). so i decided to travel a bit to sushi gallery after reading good reviews online for the good food and cheap prices.

their menu is very extensive with many rolls, combos and boxes and it actually took me FOREVER to decide what to eat. 

i ended up getting both the spicy dynamite roll and spicy salmon roll both with brown rice (although i only asked for one roll since the price was charged per roll, they gave it to me for both and did not charge me more). 

spicy dynamite roll ($3.95) - although not on the menu of rolls, i saw it as a part of the combos and the restaurant was extremely nice about basically customizing anything. this was SUPER spicy but very delicious. filled with prawn tempura and crabmeat, it was huge. 


spicy salmon roll ($3.50 + 50c for brown rice) - again not on the menu but they had no problem creating it for me. same spicy sauces and again a huge portion for a super cheap price. the only thing was that the brown rice made it a little bit mushy and a bit TOO spicy so it was a bit one noted. 


nonetheless, i would return again and again because i only paid $8 for 2 meals worth of food. i would like to try some of the special rolls one day and the staff there are extremely accommodating! they offer miso soup and green tea if you eat in and even to have while waiting for your food. 

if you want sushi near UBC, GONOW!

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