Thursday, 2 January 2014

pike place chowder: seattle staple

during the summer, my family went to seattle and decided to visit pike place market. its almost like a permanent farmers market in seattle that is a tourist essential. even though we'd been there multiple times, it was our first time trying the very popular pike place chowder. 

the chowders were delicious especially their original clam chowder and their rolls were pretty good too! the only thing is that the prices are quite high just because of the name and place. also there is almost always a line but definitely worth checking out with in the seattle area! 

smoked salmon chowder, new england clam chowder, dungeness crab roll, oregon bay shrimp roll, curried chicken roll 

curried chicken roll ($8.95) - chicken breast with a curry dressing, tossed with raisins, celery and almonds: this was good but there wasn't that much chicken and was quite a small roll. i loved the addition of raisins for a nice sweet contrast. 


dungeness crab roll ($12.95) - didn't try this but my parents enjoyed it! 

new england clam chowder (medium - $6.25): this is voted as one of the best in the nation and I AGREE. it was delicious and creamy, filled with lots of clams. compared to the smoked salmon chowder (same price) this was the clear winner. the smoked salmon chowder was not in anyway bad, but it tasted very ordinary. 


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