Tuesday, 11 March 2014

jumbo sushi: small prices but small tastes

craving sushi in richmond, my mom and i went to jumbo sushi where i had once gone with my friends. it took forever to decide what to get because they have a huge choice of special rolls all with pretty interesting fillings and sauces and its really cheap. in the end we chose two and i must admit i was a bit disappointed...

red roll ($4.95): chopped scallop inside, spicy salmon outside topped with tempura flakes - sounded great but did not wow me. rice is extremely bland and the tempura flakes were stale and chewy. although the fish tasted fine, it was so packed with rice i could hardly taste it. 


bc lion's roll ($6.95): spicy salmon topped with salmon tempura: this tasted better than the other because i liked the contrast between the warm tempura and the raw fish but there was WAY too much rice. the overall flavour of the rice is also very bland leaving me wanting more. 


overall: i love special rolls but these did not live up to my expectations. the prices are very cheap and unfortunately, it is reflected in the quality (amount of rice) and lack of flavour. i think i might return again when im really craving cheap sushi (since this did temporarily please my sushi cravings). 

also, not that it matters much but the owner (i think) is not rude but is a bit cold. he did give us free miso soup but did not seem to be pleased about it.  

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