Wednesday, 5 March 2014

the one: carb-heavy portions

after church one sunday, a huge group of 15 went to the one for some food and drinks. the one is really popular because of their huge portions, especially the slushes, and the food's not bad either.

its not my favourite taiwanese place in the are (pearl house!) but it is bigger and we had some hungry people. 

japanese green milk tea with coconut jelly large size (~$6.00) -  my friend ordered this but she said it was pretty good. she was also able to pack half of it for home but its not as large as their slushes. 

no rating

dry noodle with braised beef flank, spicy ($8.95) - i have a new love for noodles without soup but with a thicker sauce instead to mix together. this was good being quite spicy and flavourful with a HUGE amount of noodles underneath that were actually a nice al dente. main complaint: the amount of meat was really little..each piece was small and there just wasnt much. 


overall: i would come back with a group of friends but a huge portion of just noodles to me, is not worth it. 

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