Sunday, 30 March 2014

wonton mein saga: after-states late night

wonton mein saga is the place to go when you need a quick bite at night. with quick food and reasonable prices, its not a bad choice for chinese food. 

seeing as it was quite late at night, we wanted some real comfort type foods especially after the american meals in well...america. 

we went with a congee, wonton mein (have to get it at wonton mein SAGA) and sweet and sour pork (yes i am one of those americanized chinese food people)

 congee (~$5.00): i THINK this was sliced fish...but honestly i dont remember. the congee itself was a nice consistency, thick and creamy but also tasty. not overly salty and gingery (i hate ginger) but a good night time food to satisfy and warm the stomach.


traditional wonton soup (~$5.00) - again it was late at night so i dont remember EXACTLY what kind of wonton soup it was but it was fine. obviously not good enough to remember but i know the noodles weren't bad with the right texture. 


sweet and sour pork (~$6-7?) - [sorry my prices are so confused, it was late and i was tired so i hardly noticed] but onto the food, this dish was not very good. i would stick to the congee and wonton noodles here as the veggies were quite raw and the pork was covered in batter and pieces were essentially pieces of fat. there was hardly any meat to this dish and hardly brushed against satisfaction. 


overall, not a horrible choice if you choose the things that they are known for. happy eating! 

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