Wednesday, 21 May 2014

corner 23: spicy spicy noodles!

quick post! corner 23 after church on a Sunday afternoon and we were STARVING. 
still pretty busy around 3 o clock but were seated quickly and served quickly as well. 

beef with spicy noodle soup ($7.95): my go to at all taiwanese restaurants. executed quite well with nice thick pieces of beef shank (NOT BRISKET!!! :D :D :D) and the typical taiwanese noodles served just a little softer than al dente. the soup wasnt TOO oily but had a nice spicy kick to it. as i mentioned before, i was starving and finished the whole thing...


deep fried chicken nuggets ($6.50) - i didnt try this but there was quite a large portion for the appetizer size and my friends said it was good! 

overall: a good place for typical taiwanese food. portions aren't huge but food is tasty and match the price that they are given. 


Corner 23 萬巒豬腳 on Urbanspoon

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