Monday, 12 May 2014

peanuts bubble tea: custard-y wheels!

 looking for dessert after lunch with my mom, we hit up richmond public market and seeing that peanuts bubble tea is raved about, i wanted to try their bubble tea. 

along with that, we got 4 different custard wheels which are basically little buns filled with a custard cream flavour of your choice. 

they had many choices including chocolate, vanilla, red bean and peanut

my mom's red bean wheel: she really enjoyed it, still warm from the display. light and fluffy batter with a center that is not too sweet! 

my nutella (or chocolate...) i dont remember which it was but it was quite good! i loved the actual wheel as it was light and fluffy but had crisp edges. the filling was not as smooth as i had hoped but was just the right amount of sweetness.


at a price of 4 for $2.25, these little wheels are a delicious treat especially when eaten warm!

on the other hand, i was not very pleased with the bubble tea. 

matcha...something (~$3-4): i ordered something that was written on a chalkboard and labelled as matcha. i asked for half sweet and it was basically flavourless. it tasted like matcha powder mixed not even with milk...but with water. it was tasteless and i DO NOT recommend this.


overall: maybe i made a bad choice but peanut's bubble tea was a let down. the wheels were delicious though and i would definitely return for them. 

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