Friday, 30 May 2014

shanghai house: another visit of many

yes, my mom and i still come to shanghai house even though there's better in richmond BUT it is convenient and not too busy! we now order some different things and i honestly think they're pretty dang good. 

salted duck ($6.98) - cold duck that is actually delicious and probably my favourite place for it. a lot of breast meat, not overly salty and not filled with those splinter bones. you can taste the natural duck flavours which is the best. 


spicy beef noodle in soup ($6.98) - this is my new favourite dish here. it is quite spicy but very flavourful at the same time. they give quite a bit of meat which is not too fatty. the only thing i dont love is the noodles which are very "normal" compared to hand pulled noodles.


xiao long bao ($4.98) - better than visit one: skin wasnt as chewy and was thinner. as you can see in the picture these were FILLED with soup but the pork texture is still not the best.


better choice of dishes makes for a better experience but overall, still a solid choice for shanghainese eats! 

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