Monday, 13 October 2014

the sweet spot: a slice of delicious

the sweet spot is a popular bakery in steveston, crawling with tourists and was the bakery that provided me with my little slice of birthday cake - i dont like eating whole cakes, i like variety in small slices :D.

anyways, the cakes they sell are always changing but they have lots of pastries and other desserts. of the couple things we tried (sorry no pictures) the cake was THE BEST. 

cake: layers of chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut mousse, raspberry gelee and white chocolate mousse (~$6): do not remember the price but whatever it worth it. the layers were contrasting enough that it blended together so beautifully. something crisp on the bottom and delicious, not too sweet cake sat between layers of mousse and raspberry gelee. the white chocolate on top was the perfect touch - a light sweetness to offset the bitterness. i would get this again and again in a heartbeat 


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