Thursday, 6 February 2014

let's roll custom sushi (richmond): special rolls your way!

as you've probably noticed, i love sushi. ABSOLUTE LOVE and a shame to japanese culture, i love americanized rolls with deep fried and thick heavy sauces. and imitation crab meat. let's roll custom sushi bar is a shop on robson that i have been dying to try and was super excited when they opened one at lansdowne mall in richmond just because i go to richmond so much more often. 

the concept is simple, you pay $7.99 and you choose your toppings, rice and filling just like subway! it was delicious and actually very fresh fish as well. this is more than enough to fill one person and my mom and i actually shared this one! 

custom roll ($7.99): mixed grain rice, avocado, mango, spicy salmon and prawn tempura topped with crab meat, garlic chips and spicy mayo sauce - this place is perfect because you can fill it with your favourite fillings and top it with the perfect toppings. no creative rolls in sushi restaurants are PERFECT and here, you can jam it with everything that you love. not only that but their sauces/rice are very delicious and they also skimp on what they give you. 


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