Monday, 17 February 2014

crepe escape: lonsdale quay adventures

never would have tried crepe escape if it wasnt for the entertainment book coupon and even with that we only saved $5...

expensive and nothing special, we visited out of convenience and probably would not return without another coupon..and maybe not even then...

three toppings savoury crepe ($8.95) - cheese, proscuitto and ham: crepe was a bit chewy, at least it was made fresh but 9 dollars is a lot


dark chocolate, banana and whipped cream with added ice cream (~$9.95): again, crepe was fresh but ice cream was very supermarket and whipped cream was the nasty stuff ontop of dairy queen cakes. i like chocolate and bananas though!


overall: its not HORRIBLE but for the price, you can get MUCH BETTER CREPES elsewhere

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