Thursday, 20 February 2014

shanghai house: no-wait shanghai food

before my recent desire to try every shanghainese restaurant in richmond, shanghai house was my staple for xlbs. the place is pretty spacious and we never had to wait for a table plus its super close to richmond centre so my mom and i would go here all the time. 

xiao long bao ($4.95) - the classic shanghainese dumpling filled with hot soup and pork. the skin is a bit thicker but i dont really mind since i love carbs. the filling is a bit chunkier than i prefer but solid xlbs. 


deep fried spareribs with peppery salt ($13.98) - a nice deep fry to them without dripping oil but there are quite a few chunks of just fat. also this dish is inconsistent as we've ordered it multiple times but sometimes it is spicy, sometimes it is hard, sometimes there's a lot of fat, sometimes the dish is smaller. this makes us not want to order it again.  

due to inconsistency: 3.5/5

i have now found better in richmond but prices are not high (dinner dishes are a bit more expensive) and the food is good.  

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