Thursday, 27 February 2014

sushi mania: awesome sushi lunch deals!

in one of the last days before summer was over, me and my friends went to sushi maina for a japanese lunch before heading down to the aritzia warehouse sale. 

found on main street more towards the west, this little shop looks a bit like a warehouse from the outside. the small dining area was only about half full when we went in and the food came quickly.

we saw that there were some lunch specials but stupidly said, "oh it just comes with miso soup, we dont want miso soup" so we ordered but then realized that we could save almost 3 dollars if we ordered from the combo so we got asked the server if she could basically change our entire order and she did. they did it so politely and pleasantly that it made my whole experience so much better. 

even though service is not always that important to me, really good service makes a lasting impression and makes me want to return. ANYWAYS, back to the food.

lots of special rolls and we tried one which was AMAZING. the other rolls are good, not huge but not skimpy on the filling either. 

agadashi tofu ($3.95) - this was pretty good but a small portion. nothing amazing.


BIGBANG roll ($7.95) : crab meat, avocado, cucumber topped with seared tuna - this was a bit pricy but so delicious. essentially a cali roll topped with a bit of torched tuna. i could eat this all day 


yam tempura roll, spicy salmon roll and california roll ($8.95) - this was a great deal as each roll was 3-4 dollars and you get a miso soup with it too! they dont pack on too much rice which is my biggest pet peeve with sushi and the filling is enough to call it sushi and not rice bomb. 

yam tempura roll: 3.5/5
spicy salmon roll: 3.75/5
california roll: 3.25/5 (a tad dry)

salmon avocado roll ($3.50) - a staple when we eat sushi. this was very good with lots of ripe avocado


alaska roll ($3.95) - much like the ones from sushi town or sushi garden, it was packed with avocado then topped with salmon and a citrus-y sauce. i personally like this one more than sushi garden because that one gives WAY less salmon but the sauce here has less garlic flavour 


chicken kaarage ($3.95) - boneless and not over battered just the way i like it but a bit expensive for the portion size.


overall: good sushi with a reasonable price (and great lunch deal!) but not too impressed with the sizes for cooked food. 

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