Friday, 4 April 2014

sushi cafe kitchen: definition of fast food sushi

being in a rush to get from downtown to school, i gave up on trying to find a good sushi restaurant (even though there are millions downtown...) i settled on sushi cafe kitchen which is located in sinclair centre aka the walkway with some shops between the skytrain and canada line.

the food is not very good being bland and slimy, but it was fast.

spicy salmon roll (top): ($3.50) - this was not very good. the rice was quite hard and flavourless. also, the fish was very slimy and did not taste at all like salmon.


salmon-cali roll (bottom): ($3.50) - this was a bit better tasting with the addition of avocado but the rice was just as bad. the crab meat section was also extremely bland and did not taste like anything. at least the salmon was a bit better?


overall: i would not return here unless it had no other choice. 

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