Saturday, 19 April 2014

joe's grill: the best kind of breakfast

one friday afternoon after classes, my friend came all the way to ubc for one thing, to get breakfast food afterwards. we googled lots of places in the kits area that had all day breakfast and settled on joe's grill

the basic ($6.95) - choice of sausages, ham or bacon with 2 eggs any style, hashbrowns and toast. SUCH A GOOD VALUE. look at all that food for only 7 bucks. 

 i got my eggs over easy and they were great. cutting into the middle, it OOZED with yolk. i had also read online that their sausages were a specialty so i went with that (as did my friend after hearing my suggestion) and they were delicious. they had a crisp exterior and when you bit into it, the pork juices came squirting out. my favourte part of the whole dish though was the hashbrowns. they were simply cut up potatoes but they were delicious. and my other friend's favourite combo is dipping hashbrowns in maple syrup and ketchup. IT IS AMAZING. 

only problem: toast was a bit burnt but my friend's was fine...just a case of inconsistency

look at that egg...

4.5/5 (losing marks for burnt toast

overall: this meal was delicious and a great value too. i could only finish half of the plate and packed the rest to go. definitely recommended to satisfy that breakfast craving and their menu is pretty big for a diner type restaurant. i will be back to try those one day! 

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