Thursday, 24 April 2014

mt.fuji: only sushi in killarney area

wanting to have lunch close to home, my friends and i stopped by mt.fuji japanese restaurant at killarney market. 

the quality and portions are nothing special but good enough to satisfy any sushi cravings that you may have and being the only sushi place in a mostly industrial area, its not bad. 

salmon nigiri ($1.50 each) - good, nothing special but quite a bit of rice

from back to front:
dynamite roll ($4.50) 
salmon avocado roll ($4.75) 
spicy salmon roll ($3.95) 

all 3 rolls were standard but had a bit too much rice on them. 


green jade roll - salmon, avocado, crab meat, tamago, tobiko, mayo rolled in cucumber ($8.50) - very refreshing but quite pricy for what you get. 


overall: i would only come because it is nearby but everything is very average and a bit overpriced. 

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