Sunday, 27 April 2014

suhang: lots of jewels in this duck

my brother visited home recently and he really missed chinese foods so we thought it would be nice to try something special at suhang and also, we can only order so much food when he's here to help eat it! 

xiao long bao ($7.50) -  the flavour of the meat and juice is delicious with a skin that is a tad thicker than normal. i would recommend trying it despite its high price tag. 


egg white with seafood ($19.80) - a must order for us at most shanghainese restaurants since it is usually a bit lighter. the egg whites are nice and fluffy but the seafood was only small pieces of shrimp and scallops. unfortunately, this rendition left an oilier taste in my mouth than i wanted. 


meatball hot pot ($19.80) - did not get a chance to try, so i cannot comment. 

stuffed crispy duck ($52.80) - this duck has to be preordered and is a specialty here at suhang. the duck is hollowed out and filled with "jewels" including lots of sticky rice, egg yolk, some beans, chestnuts, mushrooms and some duck meat. although visually appealing and with quite a tasty filling, it lacks duck meat and has way too much rice. 

the only meat the meat from the outside which was a really thin layer and not enough for me and the rice is also very heavy so you can only eat so many carbs before feeling stuffed. good to try once because you dont see it often, but i wouldn't get it again. 


enoki and conpoy noodle ($16.80) - perfectly al dente noodles with a thick sauce filled with enoki. again, quite expensive for noodles that lack any protein but tasted good.


overall, this meal was not bad but very carb heavy (might be our ordering mistakes). i feel they skimp on the toppings and amount of meat and charge way too much for what you get. 

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